"Philosophy is more than thought, it's a way of life.
It's a knowing that we are all more than what we seem.
The gift is the ability to experience the unfolding."
- R. Rhae -
"When we accept our own truths,
we become our own healers"

My philosophy as an artist is all about sharing the journey in search for Self, so naturally it's always changing. Because we are always absorbing new things we are driven to create new things, various forms of interpretations and messages. I see our purpose as a continuous communication system for all who might be receptive.

There is a wonderful sense of fulfillment through just a split second of communication between the artist and the viewer. I don't think it's really important for the viewer to know what I'm trying to express in a painting, but, it's tremendously rewarding to experience the viewers when they see a little more of themselves. In that moment, I see a little more of me.

I find that painting and writing play an intricate duality in my creative process, they seed and nurture one another as a balanced stimulation. I like to think of my paintings as an illusion capturing the essence of perception.

Artists have a job to do....

This is the time when critical changes are en-masse. The magnetic fields, the etheric grids are changing. Our awareness (sight) is greater, allowing us to see through the illusion more clearly. Our multi-sensual physical Being is being fine-tuned and is highly receptive to every 'incoming' deposited frequency that we could imagine.... and some of which we are totally unaware. We, who choose to move forward with the changes, have much to learn about discernment and how much we are willing to carry with us, knowing that what we feel is not all ours.

We, as Light Beings, carry the world... because we are the world. The changes in us as individuals affect the changes in everyone who vibrate to the level which we represent. We, as Spiritual Beings have the ability to open doorways for others, who are receptive, to move through the changes as well.

Artists have a job to do. That task is to make visual those spiritual triggers to help open the doors for others to see within themselves. Yet, we find ourselves caught on the treadmill of old ways that are struggling to survive, thwarting our ability to focus on those things that are meaningful to our purpose. Our heart knows the way, it is the pathfinder. Now is the time to pay attention and really listen to our invisible voices for They are leading us through the threshold into the new vibration.

"The people I meet and have in my life are the people I am.
When I am more... They are more."
How young is the experience of my self?
Rainbows manifest from within the heart
and dreamers are their creator.
They are the endless reflection of love
offering wealth beyond measure to those
who seek the pot of gold.
The quest.
Is it the pot of gold?
No, I say.
It is the magic and wonder we seek
while basking in the cascading reflection of Light.
It is the journey.
Days and Nights Flow into one another
"Peel away the false images of me,
those things perceived as having value and meaning.
Now I stand naked and free...
...Who am I
when I look at me and not those things
outside of me?"
Perceptions are illusions we create...