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Renne with painting of Misty
What do I like?

Most anything that sparks a creative or philosophic adventure would get my attention.

Indoor/outdoor living appeals to me, surrounded by the whole of animals and nature.

Renne Rhae offers a versatile touch of illusion through meditative contemporary and perceptual realism in original oils, acrylics, prints, graphic design, digital imaging and philosophic pros.

Silent gentle faces emerge from the canvas that evoke an emotional response from viewers who recognize their personal connection to the messengers. Renne strives to illustrate a philosophic, spiritual journey and life experiences by working as the instrument of, and co-creator with, the "Muse".

Inspired personalized logos, CD covers and book covers capture the heart and soul of her patron's visions. Customers are delighted with their company logos, brochures and business cards that seem to capture an intuitive and artistic personalized touch.

Renne was born in San Diego, California and is a (self-published) writer and self-taught artist. At her artistic beginning in 1962 she created primarily in oils. Most of her career has consisted of commissioned paintings and portraits. Her interests and variety are extensive. The mood and feelings within herself, and her relationship to the subject matter, direct her dynamic versatility of style and technique.

Digital art and graphics represents an exciting journey into a world of unlimited creative imagery. For Renne, commitment includes manifesting visually what comes to her in thought. What better resource is there, than "Digital Meditation"?

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